WIN-60100 #1

Falcon LM Transmission

WINTERS  |  Part# WIN-60100

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Yes, this price is correct. We purchased a metric truckload of these before the world went stupid and prices went nuts. We don't feel its right to raise prices on stuff like that when we can still make a fair profit and do business with you. New in the box, never used. Only opened up to slip your receipt and our catalog in the box before shipping.



The Winters Falcon Transmission (60100) comes complete with a 3 piece input shaft and crank coupler.  The crank coupler fits 1985 and down chevy crankshafts with a 2 piece rear main seal.  It is shipped dry and will need fluid added before use.  We recommend B&M Trick Shift (80259).  It takes 1 quart to fill.  You should check and change fluid every 3 race nights or as needed.