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Falcon LM Transmission

Winters Falcon Tranmission, Includes Input Coupler - Intermediate Shaft - Crank Coupler.
WINTERS  |  Part# WIN-60100   More Details...


Reverse Shift Yoke

Reverse Shift Yoke
WINTERS  |  Part# WIN-61691   More Details...


Clutch Gear Falcon

Clutch Gear - Steel - Winters Falcon Transmissions - Each
WINTERS  |  Part# WIN-61735   More Details...


Spacer, Clutch Pak, Aluminum

If You Have Cracked The Original Aluminum Spacer There Is Another Option, A Steel Spacer Part Number 61736-1.
WINTERS  |  Part# WIN-61736   More Details...


Clutch Pack Spacer, Steel

This Is A Steel upgrade/option For The Original Aluminum 61736 Clutch Pack Spacer.
WINTERS  |  Part# WIN-61736-1   More Details...


Counter Shaft

Counter Shaft - Steel - Winters Falcon Transmission - Each
WINTERS  |  Part# WIN-61737   More Details...


Sliding Gear

Sliding Gear
WINTERS  |  Part# WIN-61741   More Details...


Reverse Idler Gear

This Gear Includes Needle Bearing 67563 Installed.
WINTERS  |  Part# WIN-61742   More Details...


Reverse Counter Shaft Falcon

Counter Shaft - Reverse - Steel - Winters Falcon Transmission - Each
WINTERS  |  Part# WIN-61743   More Details...


Seal Plate, Falcon Trans (Includes Seal)

Transmission Seal Plate - Input Shaft - Aluminum - Falcon Transmission - Each
WINTERS  |  Part# WIN-61744   More Details...